How to install Node with NPM on Debian Stretch

Problems installing NPM? Maybe you have asked why my debian stretch dont have npm after installing nodejs? Maybe you've had problems when you install NodeJS and NPM isn't installed with him.

A few forums have information about that problem, some of them says that you should install

# apt install nodejs


$ curl -sL
$ chmod +x setup_6.x
# ./setup_6.x


Even things like:

# apt install build-essential libssl-dev

I don't know how it can help..


Installing really:

My solution and for that reason I published it here, was:


First install a tool named: NVM (Node Version Magager)

You can do it thus:

curl -o- | bash
The tuto is here:

After you should write:

nvm install node

If it said NVM is not found, you should close and open another terminal...


After this you have NPM installed already. Congratulations!! If it was helpful, comment please :)